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Advertising Management

We cater to each client individually, along with that means knowing where and when to place ads for them wether that’s through digital means or traditional like print ads, radio, tv, billboards, or direct-mailers.

Developing Well, Thought-out Advertisements With Your End Goal In Mind

The first step in creating an attractive advertisement is to determine the ultimate goal of the advertisement. Is it to increase brand awareness, attract potential customers, sign ups or straight engagement? Many companies do not discuss their main goals when launching their advertising campaigns. Yes, after all, the ultimate goal is to increase sales. However, in the process of achieving more sales, some branding and interactive advertising may be needed to attract potential customers to buy the products you sell. You can also use it to determine the marketing channel you want to use for advertising.

After determining the goal of the advertisement, the next step is to choose the most suitable channel for advertising, for example, when you are trying to increase website traffic or attract potential customers to visit your web page, appointment scheduler or registration form. You might use Google Ads instead of Facebook advertising. However, if you want to increase brand awareness, then you might choose social media, TV or radio campaigns versus Google Ads or banner campaigns. Which channel provides you with the best opportunity to achieve your goals?

Now we create your promotional message. Your ad copy or script tells the story and makes the audience understand the purpose and direction of the ad. Making time for your core information is critical to the success of advertising. You and your team can create great ads and bring them to the right channels, but you will never see them flourish because the messages are not properly adjusted. Customize the content and style of the message to suit your audience.

This is where the fun begins. This is the last step in creating an ad. Now we have advertising goals, channels and key messaging. With all of that ready, it’s time to create the look of the ad. Either yours or our graphic designer will gather images and creative works to combine your promotional images and messages. This can ensure that all target audiences of the ad are effectively covered based on the image, content and placement components.

This is the stage after the launch of your advertisements. At this point, we are tracking all aspects of the ad. Many companies believe that once the advertisement is launched, everything is done till the final date or the budget runs out. This is not the case, and the ad can change at any point. Perfection is a state of completeness we seldom reach on the first try. It’s important we keep reviewing your ads every day and every week to ensure that your ads are moving in the right direction.

Grow your traffic

Through digital and traditional advertising, you’ll see a boost in traffic to your website and additional platforms due to the increase in brand awareness from your target audience.

Increase your sales

Due to that increase in brand awareness, you’ll produce more conversions on sales because of brand trust you’re developing with the masses. If you can afford to advertise yourself, you must be doing something right so its only natural that people develop that level of trust in your brand.


Revenue Increase

when presenting a brand consistently across all platforms.


of shoppers

prefer to buy new products from the brands they trust.

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