Cameron Tendler Photo

Co-Founder Cameron Tendler, is an impressive serial entrepreneur whose motivations are serving his community and achieving success.

His numerous achievements began at a young age where he worked with frequent Fortune 500 clients, developing creative campaign pieces to increase traffic and revenue. 

Before the age of 20, he worked with several different network marketing companies, honing his skills and learning the foundations of his business expertise.

At 21, he began his very first company in the competitive sports and fitness market of Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, running a profitable fitness training business for several years. 

After a successful exit, Cameron moved to Las Vegas where he started a photography company in Summer 2015. 

Since moving to Vegas, he has had several successful entrepreneurships. 

He educates himself daily on the ins and outs of business to further serve his clientele and his team.

Cameron commits himself to helping others, spending time with his family, and staying in shape.